24 neue CBD Öle verfügbar

24 neue CBD Öle verfügbar

Today we're launching a new line of CBD oils diluted with MCT oils.

The new CBD oils will be available in natural aromas, orange, strawberry or vanilla aromas and in concentrations of 300 to 2,500 mg.

The four unique aromas are made by adding natural terpenes from organic Swiss hemp to the MCT oil and using no artificial ingredients. The result is a smooth and delicious taste without burning your throat.

The products are available in our webshop .

Why choose MCT oil as a carrier for CBD oils?

MCT stands for ' medium chain triglycerides ' and acts as a carrier for CBD, so that more of the beneficial cannabinoid gets into the bloodstream. Mixing CBD and MCT oil increases the bioavailability of CBD.

MCT helps CBD avoid first pass metabolism entirely. This allows more CBD to get into the bloodstream. Because CBD and other cannabinoids are fat soluble, they are most effective when taken with saturated fats like MCT oils.

Conclusion: By using MCT oil in our CBD products, a greater concentration of the CBD can be absorbed into the bloodstream and thus a faster effect can be achieved.

This article was written by an independent third-party author who specializes in CBD, hemp, and cannabis research. Opinions, advice or recommendations in this article do not reflect the opinion of Formula Swiss AG or any of our employees. We do not make any claims regarding our products and refer to our disclaimer for further information.  

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